Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We’ve replaced the map view with an entirely revamped interactive map that allows you to visualize and explore the objects and relationships across your environment. The new map explorer shows workspaces, dashboards and monitors, and also the objects imported by your data sources so that you can understand the dependencies between your components and locate the root cause of issues.
Jun-05-2024 23-16-22
If you've had to manually select several objects in the tile editor, you might have experienced the pain of clicking Next, Next, Next as you page through the results finding what you need...
But no more! We've introduced a lazy loading mechanic to allow you to simply scroll through the results as well as search for the objects you're after. 🎉
We've overhauled how datasets within SQL Analytics are managed, and added the ability to clone a dataset making it much easier to compare multiple metrics or groups of objects.
  • To add a new dataset use the + button.
  • From the ... menu, you can now delete or clone a dataset.
  • To rename a dataset, click the existing name and type your new name as required.
Based on some feedback we've recently spent some time fine-tuning how tile fixed timeframes are displayed, as well as making it easier to set the default dashboard timeframe.
Tiles with a fixed timeframe
Any tiles that have a fixed timeframe now display a clearer grey 'pill' indicating the timeframe.
Setting the default dashboard timeframe
To set the default dashboard timeframe, use the pin icon from the dashboard timeframe picker. This sets the initial timeframe for all viewers of the dashboard, including shared dashboards.
See all your most important KPIs at-a-glance on the workspace home. Click to drilldown to their corresponding dashboard tile to explore further.
Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 11
Monitors are now object aware and capable of evaluating a health state for each object or entity found in the data. For example, if you are monitoring a dashboard tile showing the build duration of several pipelines, you can now evaluate each pipeline independently by simply setting the new "Evaluate by" option to the appropriate object or entity.
Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 14



In addition to Azure, Google and Email/Password, SquaredUp now supports Okta for authentication (available with an Enterprise plan).
Please contact our support team for more information and to enable Okta for your SquaredUp organization.
Sometimes it’s useful to refresh a tile or dashboard to get the latest data. We’ve made this much easier to do via a dedicated tile & dashboard action, as well as showing you when the tile was last updated.
If you've ever accessed a dashboard on mobile you might have noticed that you had to zoom in a lot, and pan around to see all your tiles... but no more! We've made some improvements to how dashboards are shown on mobile devices making it much easier to use:
  • Tiles are now stacked in a single column layout on mobile
  • A collapsed toolbar is shown to ensure the title is visible
  • The main navigation bar is collapsed by default on mobile
We've just added a new feature that allows you to copy data from any tile to your clipboard. You can then paste that data into Excel, Notion or wherever you'd like - great for further analysis or offline sharing.
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