Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We recently shipped some key improvements when dragging and dropping tiles on a dashboard. Previously, it was sometimes too easy to disrupt the layout of your whole dashboard just by moving one tile. The experience should now be much easier, and more forgiving when shuffling tiles around. Try it for yourself at
It's now possible to add a legend to your Donut charts, and choose between inline or table positioning. We've also made some other key improvements:
To use this new legend simply select 'Table' under the Legend option when configuring the Donut visualization:
By default today, when users drilldown or navigate to a workspace (for example from the top-level organization home) they arrive on the workspace home. We have now introduced the ability to change the workspace drill down page when navigating to a workspace to be the first dashboard in the list. This is a setting per workspace. This is useful in cases when the overall state of a workspace is best represented by an existing dashboard.
Object drilldowns are an essential part of exploring your data/metrics in SquaredUp. Whether you are searching for an object or want to click on it from a dashboard to find out more about its health and performance, then the ability to drilldown gives you an extra layer of details (e.g. to identify a root cause to a problem), and gives a sense of endless exploration.
In this iteration, we have made improvements to place your most important information in focus: data streams, properties, graph and data source portal links. We have also hidden data streams that are showing no data or erroring.
We're pleased to announce the general availability of our live diagramming feature. You can now create live diagrams using the health state of your workspaces and dashboards using the power of SVG.Learn more
We've just added a brand new theme, so now you can use SquaredUp in either dark or light mode.
How to change theme
By default, SquaredUp follows your system preference. To change your theme click Account on the navigation bar.
As part of our ongoing work to extend and improve our visualizations, we've made several improvements to the Scalar visualization, as well as several UI improvements to bring it in line with other visualizations.
We now support the ability to hide sensitive values when setting up a data source. For example, when settings up a Web API data source, the user can hide forever any sensitive arguments. This functionality will also be made available with other data sources such as PowerShell to store and hide secrets from all other users in SquaredUp.
Use the "Copy to" option on a dashboard to copy it to another workspace.
A new version of the relay agent (which is used to connect to on-premise data sources).Learn more
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